Wednesday, May 16, 2018

YA Pick of the Week: Moonstruck by Grace Ellis

Moonstruck is an ongoing comic book series created by Grace Ellis and Shae Beagle. If you have ever picked up a Lumberjanes book (one of my favorite comic series!) then you'll recognize Ellis's signature humor and whimsy.

The first collected volume of Moonstruck (issues #1-5) came out this spring, which means that we could finally buy it here at the library. Moonstruck exists in a world where magic exists, and magical beings live perfectly normal, simple lives alongside regular humans. Julie, our protagonist, is a barista with perfectly reasonable hobbies and goals and romantic drama...and also happens to turn into a werewolf whenever she gets upset. Her co-worker Chet is a non-binary centaur who's perfectly comfortable being themself, in direct opposition to Julie. Meanwhile, there is magical interference afoot.

The plot of the series is fun and interesting, and sometimes a little Scooby-Doo-esque, but the series really shines with its relationships: Julie's dating life and her friendship with Chet always come front and center. With Beagle's dreamy artwork and the setting of a magical coffee house, the general feeling is soft and light and silly, even when the conflicts that the characters face are nothing of the sort. Reading Moonstruck felt a lot like reading really good coffee house AU fan-fiction--which, to be honest, I loved! Maybe you will too!

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